2017-2018.  A move back to Brisbane and a big gritty time of personal growth saw The Grounded Way launch with workshops in Brisbane City, and the development of a 6 part nutrition demonstration course to sell to Council and Corporate.  2017 was also the year I took on a role with Global Sisters, a life changing experience that has become a significant part in my life - the team, the org and the women we work with is just a blessing and a privilege. Essential oils popped in to say hello and didn't leave, I love this little collection of mine and everything that DoTerra stands for. So. So. Amazing.

2015-2016. Workshops took shape under The Wellness Collective.  In the first year 22 workshops, 6 one-day retreats, 2 food shoots, various printed inspirational products, 2 eCoobooks and a 4 day marketing activation for Lend Lease (in-centre demonstrations and VIP events) - amongst running a regular blog, email campaigning and social media strategy - lead to $100k+ of sales.  My business partner chose to leave the partnership to focus on family, and TWC found a natural end.

2014. Mackay saw the start of regular workshops, and one more cafe kitchen opened -with an entirely gluten free plant based offering - honing my strategies for commercial viability of organic offerings, and minimal wastage of food in a start up period.  Coordinating social media, and focussing on the power of creating visual content over all platforms became a key part of my role with Donna Moritz from Socially Sorted.  This role continued until mid 2016.

2012. From The Roastery Cafe in South Brisbane I pulled together my favourite breakfast and lunch menu that had a wholefood spin - serving kale salads  and quinoa porridges amongst the 'big breakfasts' determined to make the fusion work - before it was cool.  An awesome 65 seater cafe

The up-cycled aquaponic system we installed there is still one of my all time favourite collaborations with Seven Positive, FoodQube and MadeForward.

2011.  Working under the strong work ethic of Jeanette from the The Organic Food and Wine Deli, and determined drive of Dodi from The Kitchen at Elsternwick and Dodi Oliver Catering in Melbourne.  From bringing 'homemade food' to the traditional tuckshop setting with Dodi, to falling in love with the role that excellent catering has in an event, added to my tool kit.

2010. Starting at Wray Organics Kitchen as a weekend cook, and an internship with Dominique Rizzo from Putia Pure Kitchen as she photographed her first book - I took the knowledge from cooking school, and these experiences to bake allergy friendly wholefood cakes in Brisbane's Inner West, whilst learning how to make coffee in a busy little shop in Bardon.

The years preceding this were based in health food stores, and fitness supplement stores - continuing on from high school jobs in the retail environments.  In addition to a decent stint behind the bar at Friday's when I started University.


Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition + Health Promotion) 2008: Queensland University Of Technology, Brisbane.

Natural and Wholefood Chef Training. 2010: Jude Blereau's Wholefood Cooking, Perth.