About Asja


Asja is a Nutritionist and Wholefood Chef who after completing her BHSc (Nutrition and Health Promotion) in 2008 has hit the road to collect almost a decade of experience in across healthy living, small business, hospitality, health promotion, women’s advocacy and workshop/event facilitation.

 She is a passionate natural food advocate, with an active social conscience who has bootstrapped her way to creating a ‘jack of all trades’ tool kit to deliver business and wellbeing events along the east coast of Australia.

This experiential career has also seen her work as a coach, facilitator and mentor with men and women in small business.

A cook, teacher, speaker and facilitator that wants to create fun and delicious ways to explore even more of what you want.   I am an active creator and a bringer-togetherer of people, a champion for curiosity and exploring what could be.   

An advocate for the walk along the path, not just racing for the end of the road.  

An unwavering believer that we can all feel better, all do well, by doing more good.  

I love wholehearted living, the dark and the light, I screw up, I make up, I win and I lose.   We all do, it is just easier when we do it alongside each other!

I am so glad that you are here! xx



grounded means I am taking action and responsibility, not stuck in what could have been or future tripping before I even get started. It is an approach to mindfulness and movement that comes from within me, and how my body and mind work best, not a forced practice.  A grounded approach to wellbeing is compelling, not constraining.

grounded lends itself to an ‘of the earth’ where I can use vegetables from root to leaf, wonder in the healing and taste attributes of spices - and of botanical beauties I can care for my skin with. Where food is deeply nourishing and has the capacity to heal, and to celebrated simultaneously.

grounded lends itself to beautiful things to adorn my life with as a considered consumer, from textiles to ceramics, from flower to plants.  Here, creativity can literally weave, inch, play and create to help connect us with ourselves, learn from others, and find happiness and self love beyond food.

grounded is so closely linked to nature, and the love I have for it.  From getting my feet in the earth, and face in the sun - to loving the spray off a rough sea or full overflowing waterfall.  Its ability to melt stress away is honoured. Unified by the Earth, and the people that live on it.

grounded also meets I am firmly rooted within my community, and through awesome collaboration leveraging that connection for real social impact in my own back yard.  Social responsibility as a way of living and doing business, not a direct debit or statement on my website.

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