All that knowledge sitting there, all that deliciousness, waiting for you to explore it...

What if we do it together, and add a whole lot more interaction and exploration?



Nourish + Delight





(includes copy of eCookbook Nourish + Delight RRP $17.00)


It is perfect for you if you are interested in

...exploring reducing packaged foods for better health.

...the introduction to affordable ingredients and simple recipes to integrate at home with ease.

...demonstration of kitchen techniques and systems to improved kitchen confidence, healthy eating knowledge and time saving/cost effective strategies.

...happy to honour the simplicity in taking it slow, doing less with more intention.


6 weeks to walk through the cookbook, and explore food through the lens of adding in more nutrient dense food, swapping out packaged foods and supporting energy levels through the day.

..because the magic happens in the doing, the action, the conversations and the connections

What to expect:

  1. Make over your mornings.  The importance of breakfast and what the heck to eat.

  2. Simple recipes to increase diet variety to make sure you get what your body needs.

  3. Condiments to save time in the kitchen, and sneak in more nutrition (and flavour!)

  4. You do make friends with salad.

  5. Sweet things and snacky things.

  6. Celebration:  How to use what you have learnt to entertain and make dinner for friends.


Through demonstration and discussion, easy to assemble recipes will be created and tasted with the goal of increasing kitchen confidence and addressing key barriers to integration like time, cost and ability/skillset.  Asja draws on her background in health promotion and nutrition, with a sincere love of food, to create tiny changes that can have long lasting effects.

How is it delivered

  • Private FB Group
  • Weekly recipe challenges
  • Live Q+A
  • Video and Audio tutorials/chit-chats

The Game Plan: Week by Week


Recipes challenges for this week

  1. Massaged kale and boiled eggs
  2. Homemade granola and raspberry chia jam
  3. Green Smoothie + Banana Maple Coffee Smoothie


  • The importance of breakfast and it’s role in a healthy happy life
  • How listening to you body at breakfast can set up your day
  • Simple techniques to create a ‘morning routine’ for a more mindful start to the day
  • How much coffee is too much, and how else we can find energy.
  • Smoothies as a meal.  What does the smoothie need to meet the mark?
  • Greens/veggie based breakfasts, eggs based breakfasts and grain/nut based breakfasts and how to find what works for you.
  • Breakfast ideas to suit your morning and the time you have available.
  • Using these recipes beyond breakfast as snacks, time savers and alternatives to meals later in the day.


    Recipes challenges for this week

    1. Nut free dukkah w avo + sweet potato toast
    2. Sunflower seed and rocket pesto w zoodles
    3. Wakame gomasio w cashew cheese + fresh vege


    • How diet variety makes sure that our body gets the building blocks it needs

    • Discussion around building blocks and cravings
    • Importance of hydration, sunshine and movement for digestion/energy/cravings.
    • How to incorporate flavours and textures into each meal

      Recipes challenges for this week

      1. Best ever tomato relish
      2. Beet + Apple Relish
      3. Sweet Chilli Sauce


      • Your time and motivation in the kitchen needs to be worth it
      • Discussion around using recipes as building blocks to create meals, as well as how a recipe is a template to use what you have on hand
      • How changing one ingredient changes a flavour profile, and can reduce the cost by 60%
      • Canned and fresh, using the best quality food that you can afford.


        Recipes challenges for this week

        1. Massaged Kale with Sweet Potato + Tahini Dressing
        2. Ruby Red Salad with Buckwheat
        3. Zesty Green with Quinoa
        4. The Chop Chop/Grate Salad with Maple Vinaigrette


        • Cooking, preparing and storing grains
        • Building a freezer library
        • Many ways to approach building a salad
        • Bringing together recipes and concepts of past three weeks into your every day food creating with salads, and nourishing ‘bowls of lunch’.



          Recipes challenges for this week

          1. Chocolate Orange Bliss Balls
          2. Banana Coconut Nice Cream
          3. Chocolate Avocado Cookies
          4. Cashew Cheese and Berry Chia Jam with Pear
          5. Cucumber Sushi


          • Packaged vs. home made treats, and how many we should really be having
          • Things to be mindful of when it comes to ‘healthy’ treat recipes

          • Appetite and cravings throughout the day, and how to not get stuck in the ‘being good’ vs ‘making up for it’ cycle.
          • Exploring cravings.  Are they from your body or from your mind?
          • Why starving yourself doesn’t work, that you probably need to eat more, and that not all calories are created equal



          Discussion points

          • Isolation and ‘dieting’, integrating things you learn into life
          • The role of food in connection, sharing, nurturing and nourishment
          • Finding ease so it feels like a sustainable lifestyle
          • What to eat when you go out
          • Batch cooking and preparation, finding the balance.