10 Ways To Dust A Little Sparkle On Your Every Day!

These 10 ideas will inject colour, presence and happiness in your life...every body say ahhhh....!

1. See a sunrise.  Okay, okay, not every morning.  Just one.  Watch the colours, notice the sounds and feel the way it lightens you before you begin your day!

2. Cook something new.  Pick an ingredient, a colour or  flavour and then get creating!

3. Smile....at the deli lady who look like she is having a rough day, the mum with the kid chucking a tanty - or at everyone you pass on your morning walk.  Make is a game and notice the magic it injects into your life!

4. Plant a tree or some herbs.  If you don't have a garden, maybe some guerilla gardening is in order?!  Plant a plant and watch it grow - kind of fun if you plant it somewhere in a public space - sort of like a dirty little secret to check back on!

5. Say Yes.  And say no.  Say yes to something fun this week, do it before your brain has a chance to kick in and say no.  Say no, but re-frame it into what you are saying yes to!

6. Appreciate today.  Make a little voice memo of 5 things that light you up today. Tastes, smells, people, texts, emails, nature - the options are endless and i all counts!  Even being grateful that the day is over counts ;) If you can't find something watch this video of cute puppies.  That should definitely help.

7. Unplug.  Put the phone down, walk away from the computer - and not just to go to watch netflix.  10 minutes or an hour.  

8. Hug someone.  Yes!  Day to day can get in the way, and a quick kiss  the cheek suffices for a coffee date - go for the hug - you won't regret it.

9. Plan a trip.  Get over on Pinterest and pin some ideas of where you would like to go, the food you want to eat when you are there and the activities you want to do.  Dream a little and get visual with it!  Pinterest is a great way to keep your inspo boards with you wherever you go (Pinning is way more fun than mindlessly scrolling on facey in peek hour!!)

10. Make a playlist for your life.  Spotify create happiness-and-sparkle-infusing playlists to complement our life! Whether you do it just for you, your partner or get your friends or colleagues together it is a fun way to find new music.  Try music over TV when you walk in door for a week.  So. So. Good.

Pick one or two and pop a reminder in your phone now to pique your interest in a few days time!

In love and sparkle dusting,

Asja  xx