I bet you aren't close to getting enough fibre, so here are 12 foods you will actually want to eat!

At a workshop over the weekend, one of the gorg attendees asked me her fave question - 'What do you actually eat in a day?'. Awesome! We are all so curious about what really happens outside of work and off instagram, and insta has gone a long way to give us good reason to think there is a mismatch, right?

Interestingly as Ellie and I shared our days, and other attendees did as well, there were some common themes emerging.

1. Hydration is first up daily, and it changes. Charcoal, cayenne, water, lemon and apple cider vinegar all made appearances.

2. Breakfast is often a sipped smoothie and doesn't happen in first hour of waking - and we don't feel amazing if we are forced to eat within that hour or two of waking up (like before a flight!).

3. We all love fibre. We. All. Love. Fibre.

4. We all love fermented foods.

5. We are more than happy to #putaneggonit, on anything, or even eat one on its own for a snack!

Not that fancy right?

Fibre is so fabulous but the imagery associated with it is often drab, brown and boring.

I want to change that.


Cause fibre has slipped away and somewhat accidentally swapped out. It has been something we have been happy to cut out and add back in with supplements #hellobenefibre #hellopsylliumhusks.

The very idea that our bodies need fibre means that this needs to come from a wholefood source, imho.  Yes, I know, psyllium is a food...but mixing it into a glass each morning? I think it misses the point (and it isn't delicious, ha!).

Gluten and grains have been chucked out.  Complex carbs have been swapped for low fibre alternatives or avoided all together. Hello zoodles and cauli rice - if these guy replace a wholegrain or wholewheat version you may be swapping out 5-10g of fibre per meal. 1 zucchini only has 2g, and 1 cup cauliflower rice has 2g too.  

Something to be mindful of, for sure.

Carbs and fibre were too chummy as friends, and the 'baby got thrown out with the bath water'. Carbs OUT, fibre OUT.  We started to hate on fruit.  Instead of looking at 'how much' and 'what sort' we ditched it all together. We used a fibre supplement for a week (okay 3 days) but then it stayed in the cupboard.

Of course, this is the list of those already curious about what passes their lips - if you are still eating over-processed packaged foods you will NOT be getting the fibre you need! 

So why do we need fibre? We need fibre because...

...it helps with insulin regulation, and blood sugar level maintenance (an aspect of health that made the list in this post of things that have stayed true 10 years after graduation).

...it sweeps out gut lining and helps with awesome bowel movements and toxin removal (good poos should never be underestimated!).

...it feeds good bacteria in our tummies so that our tummy can keep itself happy, and keep our B12 in production.

as a snap shot.

And where can we find it?  

It is found in whole grains, lentils, legumes and fruits and vegetables - as I mentioned at the start, skipping whole food groups means you can accidentally chuck a bunch of fibre out so we need to take a quick check to make sure, as women, we are hitting our 25-30g per day.

There are a lot of lists that list lots of fibre foods, like the difficult to prepare and acquired taste of artichokes, but I want to refine that list to things you may actually eat most days, most weeks! Of course, recipes tips and tricks are with each one - we all know I love the 'education-demonstration-integration' continuum! xx

1. Avocado (medium = 10g).  Avo for the win again, and not a bad idea to swap the 'toast' for sweet potato, sweet potato still packs a punch for fibre, as you will see below! Guac for a snack, and choc-avo mousse have never looked so good.  

2. Pear (medium = 10g).  Dehydrated pear with some almond butter or hummus, or simple chopped up with some chia jam on top.  Delicious, satiating and fibre-rich! Poached pears on porridge or chia pud make for a yum breakfast!

3. Raspberries and Blackberries (1 cup = 8g).  Brilliant in a smoothie in the warmer months, but a berry and pear crumble with some coconut, seeds and oats on top is looking pretty fab for winter!  Go crazy and make a chocolate avocado and coconut tart with fresh berries, that beats psyllium in water, no contest.

4. Coconut (1 cup = 7g).   Too much coconut is not a good thing, but does add good bulk to sweet treats, and because fibre helps to slow down sugar getting into our blood streams our energy levels will thank us, too!

5. Peas (1 cup = 8g).  Sure, go for your peas and honey!  But I would prefer some steam peas blended into this rocket pesto for a snack, or whipped with feta and chickpeas a dip to have on hand for afternoon snacks - or to top my fibre-rich roasted vegetable platter!

6. Brussel Sprouts (1 cup = 4-5 brussel sprouts = 7 g).  Pretty much every generation up until now has had a rough trot with brussel sprouts, beans, carrots, cauli, broc - all veggies really - boring, overcooked and gross was the name of the game.  Not these days, shred from brussel srouts and sautee with coconut oil and salt for a soup topper - or shred and dress with this maple vinaigrette for a yummy salad with a dice dried fig (extra fibre points for using the fig! Hooray).

7. Pumpkin, Turnips, Parsnips (1 cup = 8-9g).  A tray of roasted vege a week to pepper through salad, soups and frittatas is a brilliant way to still get the fibre and get the portions right.  One massive chow-down of a tray of roast vege is not what we are aiming for here!

8. Carrot (medium = 2g).  Always a solid contender, and a brilliant snack - or as I like to call it 'deliverer of yummy dips to my mouth' or simply 'the vehicle'.  Try a good guac or the smashed pea pesto above to fill up on a fibre-y snack!

9. Sweet Potato (100g = 2g).  I love making 'loaded sweet potatoes' by roasting a small on in half and then topping with relish, pesto, avo and fresh chilli, and usually some roasted seeds and sprouts to top it off #meatlessmostdays.  The sweet potato mash is my go-to 'bulk out the meal for the man' move.  As mentioned in Number 1, sweet potato toast is always a win - and this sweet potato cauliflower soup hits major fibre points with out the stodge.

10. Apple (medium = 4g).  I think you have got all the best ways to eat apples, so I am going to leave this.

11. Chia Seeds (1 Tbs = 5g). A little goes a long way, so even adding 1 Tbs of this chia jam to your breakfast, sweet potato pancakes or to a pear is a bloody awesome boost.  I avoid 'sprinkling' chia seeds because they attract water, and they get stuck to your teeth - I am not a big smiler, so I don't need any more reasons to fear the smile, should the mood strike ;)

12.  Dried Figs (1/2 cup = 3 dried figs = 8g).  Medjool dates get all the dried fruit love.  I am personally team fig, one of the reasons being that it has more fibre gram for gram.  The others being that I love the texture, the flavour is more complex and they are not so darn smack-you-in-the-face sweet.  Try this Fig, Buckwheat + Apple Salad!

So tell me, how much do you do?