15 Random Realisations So Far This Year

Oh man I am learning.  I am learning that I am always learning.

I am having wonderful year, but it has been accompanied by about 9876764 changes of mind, tweaks of desire and scrapped post it notes.

I am learning that I am absolutely in the drivers seat of my life, and that…

  1. Sometimes you can have your eye (and mind) on a different thing to your heart, and all that attention (and intention) actually brings the ‘backseat dream’ to the forefront instead.  

  2. That movement is always a good idea.

  3. That patience is something that perhaps I should try and make unconditional in terms of ‘how long do I need to be patient for’ - I realise that is not something patient people should be sayihg - but it is easier to be patient when I tune into ‘me’ more often - which brings me to my next point…

  4. Meditation or ‘hanging out in some silence with myself’ is so delightful. And powerful.

  5. That we are all winging it.

  6. That ‘Winging It’ is an exceptionally comforting book.

  7. I am quite partial to a juice cleanse, and supplementation (in addition to all the real food) can fix the most mundane and insurmountable of “health issues”.

  8. That uber eats and ordering food should probably become a part of our food budget rather than all the pressure to not the nutritionist the orders deliver, and all the dishes.  Plus, I don’t even identify as a nutritionist any more.

  9. That being curious and feeling into what you want through actually trying it out is way better than staying in contemplation.

  10. That I really quite like how my mind works when i give it space, and look after it - mainly with nourishing an creative fun bits - I want to use her more (another thing that I had pondered over the last 2 years)

  11. That I will probably never be potter and amazing ceramicist.

  12. That describing myself as ambitious is not farcical.

  13. That I can calm down, let go, and just be me

  14. That I rearrange my house seasonally with the most patient of partners.  Our TV has literally been against every different wall in this apartment in the last 12 months.

  15. Reconnection is connection, and harnessing the existing and old, is as important as embracing the new.

I think I am becoming more me, which probably looks exactly the same to everyone else but it feels so darn good to me!