Procrastination And Indecision: A Case of the "Maybe It Will - Maybe It Won'ts"

Think back (it’s probably not THAT long ago!) to when you entered your email to get a free little course, an eGuide or 5-part series of something that you really wanted....did you open it, read it and put it into action? No?

Well, I have a question for you - did you have a case of the 'maybe it will, maybe it won't's?'  I want you to think back to the moment before you clicked and signed up - what problem were you trying to solve or what goal were you trying to achieve?

Despite our best intentions it never takes long to stop clicking to open the email, even though this was exactly what we wanted and we knew it was going to help us with our goal or our problem.  

It got me thinking about what it takes for someone to follow through? 

Does the brain click into action and you say it’s not for you?

That you will come back to it later and watch them all at once? 

It wasn’t as perfect as you thought it would be?

Did it seem too simple that you thought that it couldn’t be helpful?

Things just got too busy (Amen to that – I hear you!).

I worked something out and I'm afraid it isn't very clever.  I found that you cannot get to that solution or achievement, that feeling you were looking for when you signed up, if you have a case of the ‘maybe it will-maybe is won't’s!'  

What do I mean?

I mean that you get caught in your own mind, playing small, thinking that maybe this will help, but then are you wasting your time and motivation because maybe it won't?  After all, you have waited so long to finally take action - it would be remiss of you to not wait for the perfect fool-proof willpower inducing solution.  

Taking a slightly closer look of this mind chatter that has you talking yourself out of decision only minutes after you make it I think, from my own past experience, that some of it is based in fear.  

What might happen if you start making these changes and free up some time?

Who would support you?

What would you have to give up?  

What would you have to do?

.... and that some of the chatter is around kind of fooling yourself to think that the act of clicking the button and signing up lets you escape and feel like you were taking a step in the right direction, and that that is progress enough.  That that is enough for today.

The time between deciding to take action and then putting it into action is crucial.  That is where the break though happens. That is the point where you take the low-risk, simple and well planned step and you kick its ass.  You exercise your confidence and commitment muscle.

What happens then? 

That goal or problem that you were dreaming about is getting inspired action, and as soon as you are doing and you get a result it feels bloody awesome - and the next thought? “Eff yes! I did it! I wonder what else I could do?”

You free yourself of having to think about when you are going to do it. That building of the confidence muscle and kicking the small step's butt should not be underestimated.

It creates a kind of freedom in your life that you didn't know you wanted, and a quiet rumbling confidence to try a few other things.  I really encourage you to follow through on an action or idea in your life to feel what it is like to follow through when you are certain of the outcome, it builds internal motivation, it build strength and it builds momentum.

'til next time,

A x