Is Almond Milk just famous for what it is NOT? Let's take a look.

Is almond milk just famous for what it’s NOT? Or does it stand up nutritionally in its own right?  Let’s get to the nuts and bolts of it. Almond milk is saaaaaa hot right now, it is doing a great job at leading the market when it comes to dairy alternatives (a force that is reckoning with dairy, and in the States has already lead to marketing changes to the industry).

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What I eat in a day (for real!).

Yes, we are in the wellness industry, and have been for years.  Yes, Asja loves wine and love Sea Salt Red Rock potato chips, and Carissa covets her Baskin and Robbins date each week.

In a part of our lives we are (self-appointed) kale converting queens, and love creating  positive mindsets around food, sharing recipes full of flavour that nourish your body and happily inspiring others to fall in love with great food and awesome health....but we also are foodies at heart.

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