[AUDIO - LISTEN IN] Natters with Aysha about 'Fermentation and Feasting'. July 16, 2017.

Oh this was far more uplifting than either of us were expecting!  Have a listen to our natter last week, and then make sure you secure a ticket for our upcoming event stat.  It is going to delicious, grounding and absolutely beautiful!

Fermentation and Feasting

with Kinfolk and Co and The Grounded Way


Join Asja and Aysha for a 3 hour workshop exploring fermentation, artisan homewares and deeply nourish food! We will cover...

1. What they are, and why you need them.

2. How to make them, and express your own flavour preferences in your kraut!

3. And what you can do with them once they are made, to even make them kid-friendly and boyfriend-approved!

We will walk you through the process from start to finish, and then move into a tasting session showing you brilliant ways to use fermented foods in everyday kitchen creations!

A casual, interactive and informative session based in artisan knowledge, using seasonal produce and celebrating the space where food brings us together, rather than drive us apart.


($20 Kinfolk & Co Gift Card included in ticket price)

About Aysha...

Aysha is a small business owner, mother, yoga teacher, fermentor, interior designer and is passionate about all things nutrition & wellness. She combined her passions and created Kinfolk and Co. an online store that sells beautifully handcrafted & locally made kitchenwares. She lives in Northern NSW with her partner, 2 children, 2 chickens & pet rabbit- Pedro.

Aysha believes in the idea of going back to doing things we way we used to, in handmade craft work using materials from the earth, in the art of food making and how these acts are both nurturing & grounding for the body and the soul.'

You can find her website here, and over on facebookinstagram and twitter too!

..and me?

I am a cook, nutritionist and facilitator that wants to create fun and delicious ways to explore even more of what you want.   I am an active creator and a bringer-togetherer of people, a champion for curiosity and exploring what could be.   

I advocate for the walk along the path, not just racing for the end of the road.  An unwavering believer that we can all feel better, all do well, by doing more good.  I love wholehearted living, the dark and the light, I screw up, I make up, I win and I lose.   We all do, it is just easier when we do it alongside each other!