Confessions of a Nutritionist: I drink coffee, and no, I’m not 'giving it up'.

I drink coffee - and there is no way that this technically is a confession because you don’t need to be in my life very long to know that I adore the stuff.  I really do.  I am not lying when I whisper to my partner just before we go to bed ‘I can’t get up and run to get my coffee tomorrow’.  #hotpilllowtalk

Here are my 5 ways to make coffee a happy part of your day, whilst keeping your body happy too.

1. Make it a part of your day.  

Whether that means routine or ritual, love the process of going to get a cup, be excited be happy about it, do it with purpose.  Add it into your life with a smile, no guilt and without the view that ‘this is my one vice so let me have it’ type approach.  Be equally happy as you are unapologetic about this daily moment of happiness.

Before the 'unapologetic' becomes 'belligerent' I ask that you know your reason for coffee - particularly if you are drinking too much, if it is a sleep thing, stress thing or an overload thing - then make a note to pay a little attention to how you can know what your personal reason is (and do with that what you will!). 

2. Quality over quantity. 

I love artisanal things, and this applies to the ‘things’ I have in my life as well as the food, and the coffee. 

I want the simplest and best I can find - there is such a beauty in simplicity.  I will not be a promoter of 8 cups of coffee a day regardless of the quality, but moving away from some store bought chemical crap to a barista made single origin cup of joe is something to think about. 

Being able to appreciate different origins doesn’t have to make you a coffee wanker, hipster or other wise (and totally ok if that is your deal) it can actually just make you more tuned in, tapped in and present with another part of your day.

I drink one double strength small cap or an espresso followed by a single shot long black once per day - I will have a second cup maybe twice a month. It is not Nespresso or instant - it may occasionally be made at home in a plunger, but it is always real.

3. Know your limits. 

I do not want a bigger coffee cause for me, more coffee does not equal more love.  More milk does not equal more love.  I want my coffee just the way I like it - it remains the easiest example of me being able to be express exactly what I want in life (and there is a lot to be said for that!).

Coffee likes me when I drink it like this.  If I have more, I can enter the zone of #hotmess where the agitation of my nervous system becomes apparent.  This happens, as I know it does to a few of my babes, when some robusta gets thrown around the arabica at the coffee shop.  Another reason to know your coffee!

If it keeps you awake, makes you feel sick, makes you angry, makes you happy - know your limit!

4. Listen to your body. 

Everyone’s coffee quota is different, but we know the difference between when it is working for us, rather than hindering us.  

I may cry, I may find my appetite out of whack or I feel like I am crawling out of my skin - and not with excitement - if I go to far. That’s not pretty or fair to my body.

On that note, try to move onto long blacks - dairy and coffee actually don’t make you feel amazing together.  Oh, and halve whatever sugar is in your cuppa, and do the same in 4 weeks.  Just sneak it right on out of there.

5. Eat breakfast.  

Please don’t call your latte your breakfast and put something else in your tummy rather than coffee straight up.  This doesn’t need to be done overnight, but try and find some wiggle room between wake time and coffee time. Your hormones and energy levels will thank you.

Similarly, if you know you feel like shit when you drink coffee with breakfast, then find a way to keep it away from food.  We already eat more different foods mushed together when we go for breakfast, and then we add coffee. That effectively shuts down our digestive system…and then wonder why we want to nap, or don’t want to nip in to try and make some post-breakfast purchases at the boutique next door.  It will leave you feeling bloated and heavy.  

Be kind to yourself, ok? 

While I'm at it, drink more water. Oh, and buy a reusable coffee cup.