Six Steps to Help You Find That Thing That Makes You SHINE!

It's something we all want to do right? Figure out that one thing - or perhaps its more than one - that really moves us. That lights us up and has us jumping out of bed each morning with energy and passion and excited purpose for the day ahead!

But how do we find that thing? How do we truly know if we're on the right path? How do we create that soul-filled authentically driven life?

How do we uncover our life's shining purpose?  Through seeking out my own passions, and helping many of my amazing clients tap into theirs, I've broken this process down into six simple steps to help you find that thing that makes you shine!

Step One – Eat Clean.

I know this might not seem like a relevant step in finding one's passion, but allow me to explain.. To tap into that knowledge of what we're supposed to do with our life, we need to be clean and clear.  You don't want to be weighed down by a heavy diet or unnaturally hyped up from highly processed foods. You want to have that crystal clear focus and absolute clarity around your life goals that only a nourishing diet full of veggies, fruit and wholefoods, can bring! Drink loads of water too! 

Step Two – Find Some Space.

If you want to find those moments of inspiration, then you've got to find some space.  Space to just sit quietly for a moment and allow inspiration to hit.  We can get so caught up in our busy lives, but even just a simple moment to yourself with a cup of tea and no distractions will do. Quieten the mind and take time to tune in with yourself.

Allow yourself to imagine the things that bring you the most joy, the things that you are good at, and what pieces of advice are you most often asked for. Clarity will come to a calm mind.

Step Three – Put Pen to Paper.

Writing is my thing! Putting pen to paper is such a great way to reconnect and get to know your passions a little better.. It offers reflection, aha moments, and deep self-knowledge. Its powerful and life-changing so invest in a beautiful journal that speaks to you and get writing!

Start small with questions like “What are my hobbies?”/ “What do I do for fun?”, and “In what ways do I enjoy being there for others?” Once your in the groove of writing, ask yourself some big questions.. “What do I want for my life?”, “What do I not want?” and “What lights me up, turns me on, and gets me excited to jump out of bed each morning?”.

Do not censor it. Do not hold back. Just let the words flow from you, onto the page. Once you are done, look back over your words. You'll be surprised by the nuggets of wisdom found within your own stream of consciousness. Go for it!

Step Four - Be open.

Finding that thing that makes you shine is all about being O P E N. 

Be curious about your passions. You may try many different careers, sports, and creative pursuits before you find your calling. And that's okay. Figuring out what we want to do with our lives isn't a test. It's a journey. And it will change and grow and develop, just as you will.

But also be open to the signs.

When I first started my business – called Show Me Your Diamond - I started seeing geometric shapes of diamonds everywhere! These aren't coincidences. These are little nods from the universe that you're on the right track and to keep going! So pay attention.

Step Five – Have FUN with it!

Discovering what truly lights you up in life is an exciting thing to do! So go in with an open heart and infuse this thing with joy! Dive in passionately, dig in wildly, and play around with what you truly want for your life. It's a creative process after all and should be messy and juicy and fun! 

Why not grab your girls and make a weekend of it? Camp out somewhere beautiful, take the mats, meditate, journal, vision board, eat nourishing food together, and support each other.

The only thing more beautiful than uncovering your own life purpose, is helping someone else uncover theirs.

Step Six – Talk it out.

If you're still struggling - if you feel you can't find the answers through writing, or nothing is coming up during those moments of stillness – talk it out. There's no need to get overwhelmed or feel stuck with this. Grab your nearest and dearest and say “Hey. What would you say I'm really good at? Or “ What do you think my three best qualities are?” And my personal fave, “ What is it, that you've noticed, lights me up?”  It's such a great question to ask others, as it is your loved ones, your best friends, who see you light up when you're talking about something you're passionate about or doing something that you love! And who doesn't want some glowing feedback around what your life purpose might be? Right?!!

Super Empowering Bonus Step – Believe!

Each and everyone of us is here for a reason. And that includes you beauty! Sometimes we can get off track in our lives and not always feel that passion and verve in our everyday life, and that's okay. 

Your bright shining soul mission is right there inside you. You just have to believe. Your higher self already knows that thing that makes you shine!! Just follow the steps, trust the process, and have a little faith. Everything that you need is already inside you. B E L I E V E.

And remember, You got this.

GUEST POSTAsja Svilans