Does Your Morning Routine Make You Miserable?

Does Your Morning Routine Make You Miserable?

..well, does it?  

Did you hear someone say that if you aren't up after 6 am you are missing the best part of the day?  

Have you been guilted into thinking that if caffeine touches your lips before you have danced naked, proclaiming the love you have for yourself, with your activated crystals in hand, and instagrammed your gluten free vegan breakfast that your 'health' leaves 'a lot to be desired'?

Well, you better be sure that it didn't come from my lips.  You can feel great in the morning sans yoga with your face pointed to the sunrise

Self love and care are super important though, and doing things that make us feel more awesome, more often is something that takes practice, but shouldn't be adding to the weight of the world we already feel from day-today living!  Actually, when it comes to self care we are happy to take it where we can get it (and we know you feel this way too).  

It doesn't matter whether your self care happens in the morning, or at night, or whilst you are in the line at the post office taking 3 deep breaths - but what does matter is that is happens.

Life happens, and sometimes it feels like it is happening to us, rather than us being in the drivers seat.  Adding more good things in until the less desirable things fall away is a way of living that means that firstly, you are focussed on good things, and secondly, you aren't saying no to yourself (again).  When we continue to try to stop doing things it sets us up to think that failure is inevitable, that you can only 'hold on' so long and you will 'fall off the wagon' again.

So what is the easiest and simplest thing to add in to get the most from little changes to your lifestyle habits?

Well, even after I teach a 4 hour class on wholefoods with oodles of ideas and so much inspo for your time in the kitchen - I always end with the note at the end that

...if you just add in more water and green smoothie most days for the next couple of weeks maybe that will help you feel a bit less lethargic and frumpy, and make it easier to make other changes. 

Sounds a little better than committing to hours of food prep when you just told me how dang tired you are and missing a little motivation, right?

When we say we want to demystify the health messages out there and help YOU feel like you are having more wins when it comes to health changes, we mean it.  I want to make it more fun, fuss free and so so so simple.

If nothing more I want this to serve as a timely reminder that your health is precisely that.  YOUR HEALTH.   It doesn't need to be a replication of what your friend's brother's PT said your health and feeling awesome should look like.  


You have so many of the answers already in you, and I know you just want to break it down and actually apply it - and that is where confusion sets in.  So I really really encourage you to find one little moment of time to carve out and choose you.  Believe me when I say you will be stringing beautiful little moments of 'you' together like fairy lights before you know it!