Facebook Live Series: Getting Started with Natural Food (May 2017)

Wednesday, May 10. 7:30pm 

How do I start eating healthy, and putting focus on my wellbeing?  Which bits do I do first?  Why do I find it hard to get started?




Wednesday, May 17. 7:30pm

Eating for winter.  Do I still need raw things?  How do spices play a role?  Can I avoid the stodgy food and still feel comforted?


Wednesday, May 24. 7:30pm 

Sleep Hygiene!  How can I improve my sleep patterns naturally, which foods should I be eating more of, which should I avoid and what does a sleep routine look like for an adult!

Wednesday, May 31. 7:30pm: 

What is the deal with caffeine? Lets talk how much, when to have it and how to get more energy without 4 cups of joe!