Have you cooked with FENNEL? It is easier, and more delicious, than you think.

Fennel has a delicate aniseed flavour that is delicious raw or cooked - kind of looks like it should be related to celery, and smells more intense then it tastes.  When you prepare it make sure you keep the delicate fronds separate so that you can make your final product pretty!

Why Fennel?

Although fennel seeds,  are responsible for many of the digestive benefits of fennel (like bloating, indigestion, gas....), fresh fennel does have a good hit of fiber.  Feb and March is key tome for them to shine in Southern parts, and a little later in Queensland!

Here are 3 delicious techniques to use when you have fennel at the ready!

1.  USE IT LIKE ONION.  Heat a little ghee or sunflower oil in a pan.  Finely slice the fennel ( or use a mandolin) and cook over medium heat for 20 mins.  Great alternative to onion and kinder to the tum!  Season as required.

2.  ROAST W CHEESE.  Granted that most thing roasted are great, and cheese is a sure way to make sure it is better than great, this variation is definitely worth a shot.  Roast wedges of fennel in a 180 degree oven, for 25 mins, and sprinkle with feta or Parmesan in last 5 mins. Honestly you need to try it - dairy free? You can dollop it with cashew cheese.  Or blitz the roasted fennel into a soup with a little coconut cream and water!

3.  KEEP IT FRESH: Fresh fennel is delicious finely sliced with some orange segments and a dressing of olive oil, one lemon, 1 dried fig (finely diced) and s + p. Delicate and delish! 

Which would you try?