Roasted Fennel + Rhubarb Autumn Salad

Roasted Fennel + Rhubarb Autumn Salad

Autumn is quickly becoming winter, but with all the rhubarb, fennel, pears and leeks around the place I can't help but still be inspired by the produce! Yum!  Eating for the winter months, in a way that doesn't make you sleepy, or sluggish or pudgey is on of the topics in this month's Wednesday Night Facebook Lives (you can see the topics, and schedule them here).

The roasting had caramelised the corners of the fennel and the leek, and sweetened the rhubarb - and with the richness of rhubarb it really didn't need much else except for the smattering of roasted pepita, nigella and fennel seeds for a little crunch! I originally had a dressing in mind for this combination but when you use awesome produce, prepared with love, it can be overkill.

I love building this kind of salad in the one pan, mainly from the washing up side of things - we had this alongside some beef from Sherwood Organics.  I could see it being enough as a salad with a soft poached egg or simply a little goats cheese - but even on its own I doubt it would disappoint.


Autumnal Roasted Salad


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Roasted Fennel + Rhubarb Autumn Salad

Serves 4 as a side, 2 as a main


  • 1 head fennel, topped and cut in 1/2cm slices (reserve fennel fronds)
  • 2 stick rhubarb, cut in 3 cm batons
  • 1 medium leek, white only, cut in 3 cm batons and then halved longways.
  • pink salt
  • olive oil

For the crunch: Use what you have on hand.  I dry roasted 3 Tbs pepitas, 1 Tbs nigella and 1 Tbs fennel seeds on a dry pan for 3-4 minutes.


1. Preheat oven to 180.  Prepare veges in a single layer on a cookie tray covered with unbleached parchment paper.  Drizzle with olive oil and salt.  Roast in over for 20mins.  Check, and if required, roast for another 10.

2.  In the mean time dry roast the seeds and chop the reserved fronds and toss with a few handfuls of baby spinach or rocket.

3.  When veggies are roasted, take out of oven and scatter seeds, fronts and spinach so the heat gentle wilt the spinach.

Serve with a poached egg, or a little goat's cheese as a main.   As I mentioned we had it with beef, I imagine it would be perfect next to something game-ier like kangaroo because of the richness of the rhubarb!

If you loved this recipe I would love if you would share it with someone you think would feel the same - or of course pin it for later.  Totally understand if you need to keep it as your secret too, of course! xx