Had a GUTFUL? 5 Fermented Foods You Don't Need To Make Yourself.


So maybe you aren't into DIY and the thought of a scoby, or paying attention to your ferments daily doesn't float your boat.  Leave the fermenting art to the rest, and enter our DIY Free Zone.  

That's right - you can improve your digestive system, and enjoy the great skin and increased energy that comes with it with just adding in some of these great foods!  

I remember loving how I felt at cooking school when I learnt all about the art of making kefir and kombucha and how good it made me feel.  

Today it seems that every second wellness household  doubles as a scoby hotel - but I am going to be honest.  I would much prefer to find and support amazing artisans that make brilliant products than deal with the actual fermenting.  

Actually fermenting isn't my top priority, but my health is, and as one of my many go-to reminder is 'Eat seasonal fresh foods, and be a considered consumer with your artisan products' I needed to say bye to DIY.'.

And with that I will share my favourite  5 fave fermented foods to include in your day-to-day living - lifestyle friendly, easy to consume and convenient to find.

1. Miso Paste..

...is a fermented soy bean paste (we are fans of soy when it's fermented!) that is delicious stirred into a cup of bone broth, used alongside your avo on toast....or mix a tsp with one tablespoon of tahini and juice of one lemon and drizzle over steamed greens. YUM! Miso is rich in B Vitamins and nutrients that support our nervous system - so it is superb to ground you if you are feeling flustered and flat with a case of three-thirty-itis.

2. Kombucha...

...is a fermented tea, that can be a little tart on it own...but the good news is that 30mls a day can help introduce good bacteria into your gut. I use it as a dressing with 1/2 an orange and a little macadamia oil.  Or for a sweeter option try muddling some fresh blueberries and doing a 50-50 natural mineral water.  When purchasing Kombucha not all are created the same - I love love LOVE Buchi Australia.  You can feel the high when you consume it - you can feel it going to work to make you feel great! 

3. Coconut Water Kefir...

...is one that I prefer over and above kombucha - I consistently see more people feel amazing, in a shorter period of time compared to kombucha.  It gives a better glow, makes your tummy feel great - and it tastes better than it smells (great intro right?) and a quick shot with your breakfast is a great way to start the day!

4. Lacto-fermented Vegetables...

 ...are pretty easy to make, but if you want to just get on board and pay some attention to those lovely guts of yours then adding Kehoes of Peace Love + Vegetables to your avo on toast is just too easy!  As little as 2 tablespoons a day can get your started on your way to better gut health!  I love it on top of curry with a dollop of yoghurt.

5. Yoghurt...

...whether you go for coconut or cow's milk that is up to you and your body, but this delicious numbers rounds out our 5 fave fermented foods that you don't need to make yourself. A dollop with some chia jam, or with our sunflower seed pesto to make a creamy sauce for your zoodles, are a yummy way to add this to your day!

Hope these ideas help you realise you can make changes today, and you don't need to be DIY-ing if that doesn't fit your life!  

Did I miss one of your favourite fermented foods?  Let me know in the comments below!