If I Sit And Think About It, It Was Hidden In Plain Sight!

If I sit quietly and think about it - which incidentally is one of my favourite things to do - I would say that this 'creativity theme' has always been a theme in a my life. I think it is in most people, but life-ing gets in the way.

From grinding rocks to make paint, spending afternoons with my flower-press and making perfumes, to arranging sets of flora into gum nuts and lining them up side by side.

Then through school my love to sketches and lino prints, creative writing, and stints in calligraphy lit me up, and filled my days.

As school continued, so did the pursuit of academia, and I got busy doing the study.  I never got anywhere I really liked, to be honest (academia doesn't fit with the jack of all trade/master of none kind of living - which, for years, devastated my perfectionist and achieving self 'cause I thought that was the only way to "success" and "doing life right") so when the moment to go to cooking school came up, I jumped at the chance.

It coincided beautifully with my desire to heal my relationship with food, and with my body image, and since stumbling on the fact that if I could fall in love the common denominator of it all that peace would find me, my body and allll the relationships between the two.

After a stint in hospitality and bringing foodie dreams to life, it shifted to teaching of real food ways - and my curiosity about the slower aspects of life took off, the relationships I had, what I wanted from me, how I want to feel - and food stuck around...

Where did the food come from?

Did it have a story?

Who am I sharing it with?

What am I serving it on? 

Including more beautiful things, and using my hands more lead to a love of natural textiles, ceramics and food photography found its way into my life and business....

But something else was bubbling.  

The ideas around self care, creativity, service and the very possibility that food could be the last aspect of self care that needed to be considered if we want to find true happiness, presence and connection

..well, that kind of levelled the part of me that was the nutritionist, the natural foodie, the wellness gal.   Funnily enough, it all came through the observations and the conversations with hundred of women at my workshops, retreats and one-on-one consultations.

I wasn't expecting that.

Scratching below the surface, I kept finding, that for me, food and being in the kitchen lead to an ability to use my hands, gently express myself and feed others. Frick, even in my own life, it wasn't about the food.

A sense of purpose, presence and gentle expression of me.  It wasn’t about nutrition or fitness.

I kept finding that this same feeling would bubble up when I would engage in creativity, or even when I was giving back within the community. 

A way to express the spark in my heart, get out of head, with perspective and gratitude and be IN my life.  

Presence was there, happiness was there too.  There was something in this.  

There were more ways to feel the calm, to feel less reactive and suffocated by to-do lists that didn’t require an app.  Ways that didn't require the control around food, the stifled food prep for 'performance' and have an excuse for the preoccupation of food in my life...

Some shifts towards what I wanted, how I wanted to feel, were harder to ignore - change was here again!

Oh I crave the days where yoga was done in ‘comfortable clothing’ without a tag, when dreams were written on the back on receipts, a simple note pad and where we didn’t need daily reminders of how to be happy, by being the humans we are we would naturally find a way to self soothe and return to love and happiness. Where getting your happy back meant a phone call, you fave choc, your fave mix tape and a hug. 

And I wanted to share that alongside all my thoughts on food, sustainability and wholehearted living.

Creativity is essential, that feeling of being awake in a totally different way, I believe, is a gorgeous way to heal, build confidence and feel connected.

The more we do that, connect with ourselves, means that our connection with our close ones, and our community fills us.  It fills us, heals us and it feels so darn good.

The fact that this next project is alive is a testament to taking life bit by bit, and showing up for the sparks of ideas, and quiet ideas in your mind that feel good....to trusting yourself to create the path, and showing up for it, and you, simultaneously. 

It is the product of uncovering more of you, and expressing that in the world.

It is a simple and as difficult as that.

A x