SURVIVAL GUIDE: 10 Ways To Enjoy The Silly Season

So with so much delicious food around sometimes we need a few hot tips to help our digestive systems throughout the next few weeks how do I casually keep my tummy and heart happy this time of year?  

1. Activate your nuts and seeds, or skip them fll stop.  Chatting near a table of salted cashews will get me every time - the orange spiced activated almonds are easy to make, really yummy and easier on your tum and digestion.  By activating nuts we deactivate some of the irritants that live in the skin of the nut.  Position yourself away from snacks, and keep your hands full - incidental nibbling whilst you chat will lead to a strained belly in no time at all.

2. Make sure you to continue eat breakfast. You can keep it light and nutrient dense. Chia Pudding, Kombucha Jelly or a delish bircher will set you in good stead.  Even if you are a little delicate from festivities the night before some chia will do you the world of good :)  A lunch with a good amount of protein and lots of vege is a great tip too - the idea that if you don’t eat lunch because you will be indulging later that evening will not set you up for success!  

3. Consume fresh fruit over dried fruit.  Upgrade your cheese platter, maybe a no to crackers this year?  Maybe a walnut lentil pate, cranberry and pistachio rolled cashew cheese and fresh apple and fig will rock your platter.  Fresh figs over dried figs.  The water and fiber will fill you faster and keep your blood sugar levels in check!

4. Keep your plate half vege/salad.  Even if you go back for seconds keep the ratio 50-50...and remember to chew, put your cutlery down and continue with conversations.

5. Keep the nutrients high, and don't forget the fermented foods.  Our body chases nutrients to digest the food and drink we consume - carbs, fats and mimosas all require nutrients to be metabolised and excreted from our body - making sure that those nutrients are available is necessary to support your body through the silly season.  I add a drop of DigestZen to my morning and evening drink of water just to add an extra little boost - when I am not down with the aniseed flavour I mix a couple of drops with some olive oil and rub it on my tummy.

6.  Stay hydrated and pimp your water.  Carafes of flavoured water make it easier - with all the different foods we eat  this time of year, plain water often doesn't taste nice or quenching.  Try lemon + mint, or cucumber + rosemary.  I love a drop of food grad lemon essential oil, and a drop of food grade basil oil to make my water grande!

HOT TIP: Keep your spirits white ...peppermint tea with a splash of cloudy apple juice and soda is brilliant for vodka, and a watermelon coconut water w dash of coconut cream with white rum is yum!

7. Smoothies over juices.  Smoothies are higher in finer, and adding a good fat like avocado or coconut oil will help keep your digestion, and energy, in tip top condition - and keep your appetite happy too! 

8. Moving your body.  Movement helps our digestive system to kick along, our metabolism to be cranking at its best, keeps our stress levels under control and generally keeps us feeling fab through this time of year.  If you drop some peppermint oil under your tongue before you train you will definitely kick your self from 'I gotta do this' to 'lets do this' in 30 seconds flat!

9. An attitude of gratitude keeps your perspective in check.  Shopping enters, carparks, gift buying, family confrontations, school holidays and end of year deadlines all come together to potentially create a pressure pot of stress.  I love gratitude journals all times of year, but the holiday season really allows us to reflect on the year, and stay in an attitude of gratitude.  Initing joy into stressful moments, remembering to breathe, and putting a positive spin of negative nancy's instead of brewing and biting your tongue! Sniff some frankincense and wild orange to really spark some extra joy!

10.  Enjoy it!  This is not about being restrictive, it is being a little clever so you don't ride the come down of feasting until the 28th - or have your body feeling out of whack that you try to starve yourself for boxing day leading to a snack attack by 4pm.

If you do over-indulge, be kind, if we can choose kindness over berating ourselves then we can avoid the slippery slope of 'well, eff it, I will fix it in January!'.  Getting through a festive period without feeling like you have gotten out of control, or put the brakes on, can be a balancing act - but it is totally doable.

Happy, happy holidays!

Asja x