3 Ways To UpLevel your Happiness

3 Ways To Uplevel Your Happiness

First and foremost, admitting you aren't happy is an intrinsically powerful thing.

It falls somewhere in between 'fed up playing the game' and 'wearing this mask' and that curious desire to find moments where smiles crawl over your face and you have that glow and spark within you that makes you light up.

Whilst it is a normal part of life to be frustrated, annoyed and a little strung out from time to time,  when the day-to-day outlook is looking gloomy more often than not maybe it is time to up-level your happiness! 

No matter how it is you arrived at being ready for more happiness (all band aid solutions and bulldozing positivity aside) these three tricks are sure to have things looking and feeling rosier.


We have all read about human touch and its power - and we have all experienced the power of it too. By making the decision to hug those in your life on purpose invites more connection, and that leads to more joy and happiness.

If you are up for it, studies show that hugging someone for up to twenty seconds releases feel good hormones and really calms us down (but pick who you decided to embrace for that long - the aim is for comforting moments not awkward ones!).

The long hug takes practice but it is a habit worth forming, if you dare.


Bumps, hiccups, twists and turns are a part of life but the less we chase the happiness and focus on actions and habits that can slowly invite happiness, and transform ordinary moments the faster we actually start living it.

Be patient, and be playful around the happy things and habits you include in your life. Happiness is not a destination; it is just a series of lovely moments, okay?


It's not about the money - human hearts and helping hands are powerful happiness attractors. From tipping a little more to paying for the coffee for the person behind in the queue - there are ways to make people smile - but even five minutes of effort put into strengthening social ties and existing relationships is pretty amazing.

Baking a double batch and dropping the second banana loaf to a friend - taking the time to improve a human interaction will lead to more fulfilment than a simple monetary donation.

The direct-deposit from your bank is valued and amazing, but the effort and time of the human heart and helping hand changes things in the world, including the richness of your own.

So there you go, three hot tips - which one will you put into practice first?  It is a beautiful way to look after you and the people around you without thinking that it is always food and exercise!