Latte Level Spirituality - Stay Humble People.

There is nothing wrong with the idea of making things that 400 years ago would have had you burned at the stake (herbs, ritual, self love) mass-available.

If people want to dip their toes into the world of 'spirituality', be it meditation (download an app! So easy!), believing in higher beings guiding you (buy the angel cards so you can tell yourself more about yourself) or even wearing crystals (wear it close to your heart and you will feel protected), then great.

This foray into the realms of intuition and self discovery could lead to a greater sense of compassion, love, understanding, better relationships or even stepping into other areas of spiritual study...and who knows, maybe even better humaning.

Just don't proclaim yourself a 'healer', 'teacher' or bloody enlightened after a week long retreat in India that cost more than an Indian family would earn in a year.

Like a uni degree, surfing, or pretty much any other practise, all learning takes time - including that of spirituality. Be gentle with yo'self and others and don't go round offending people who have worked years on themselves by instagramming to the world that you're now #blessed each time you see a rainbow and project spiritual meaning all over it.

So get writing, tapping, smudging, hugging and reading in your small groups, connect on social media and full-moon the shit outta your life.

But maybe try to stay humble until your 'work' starts to show without you proclaiming it.

Be the canvas, don't try to sell the art, y'know?