My love of waterfalls and what the Hummingbird has taught me.

I didn’t know I had a power animal - or a spirit animal - whenever someone spoke of spirit animals I kind of zoned out cause I simply didn’t have something that I could relate to.  I didn't have a fave animal growing up and the pragmatic, protective, side of me may have even said that having a fave animal was pretty much "make-believe" because I just couldn’t access that for myself. As far as I was concerned (and I was a very concerned eight year old) put it with imaginary friends - I wasn't lucky enough to have any of those either.

Growing up my sister loved tigers, and her daughter loves tigers - and I liked books and making things with leaves, gum nuts and flowers, and trying to sell my wares on the side of the road.

My love of nature, water and animals is just kicking in and blossoming at the ripe old age of 31.  Water, as you know if you have been reading, has been an evolution of the last few years.  I never liked water, I have memories of being dumped in a wave alongside a sea snake when I was 7, and after that I think that I took Mum's dislike of water and decided to just ‘be on the outside looking in’ there was something I didn’t understand and that unnerved me about water.  

When I went to Bali in 2014 my fascination with waterfalls was off the charts.  I have interestingly always had Iguazu Falls on my list (yet to go) and the power of waterfalling always made me feel alive, connected and calm.  The force of nature, paired beautifully against the effortless romance of the fall was some-kind-of-magic.  Trying to follow just one drop all the way down. Just beautiful.  That same trip to Bali I remember seeing the rain drops dance on leaves in some kind of orchestrated harmony amazed me - I had never stopped long enough to watch it, appreciated it and was completely amused.

Since then I have slowly invited myself to get into water more, from ocean swims and creek paddles, I have just done the very thing I thought that I couldn’t do.  It has been evolving to WINTER swims. In the middle of the day. Yikes - this is unheard of for me, I was most surprised!

 Beautiful spa pools in Cardwell

Waterfalls just sit so well in my heart and a lovely way to experience nature.  Paul knows that wherever we go, finding a waterfall will be on the list.

When Sarah from The Fifth Element guided us through finding our power animal as a part of the Soulpreneur course I am doing the hummingbird came through strong.

Those very cute, busy little guys just were so clear in my visualisation, and I was drawn to find out more about this animal to see what I can learn and apply from their awesomeness…this is what I found.

I loved these…

1. Reflect don’t ruminate.  I am chief ruminator, so reframing that as light reflection and acknowledgement is on the cards!
2. Hover above it all in the moment.  All the things happen all the time, being able to pluck myself above it so give myself clarity is something I love to do, and am getting better at!

These were very true 

3. Being caged makes you feel depressive and useless.  Yes.  Just yes.
4. Curious about the sweetness just below the surface.  Diving deeper, always a fave thing of mine. Always.
5. Gets into small places to heal and bring love.  Oh my gosh, all the phrases I use in my workshop like ‘find a little wiggle room’, ‘loosen up the reigns so you can see the spaces between’, ‘link the little moments between the touch stuff together to make magic’.  Woo!

and these were a blessing and a curse…

6. Can stop dead in its tracks.  No matter how fast or big, I can just stop and change direction.  Or just stop.
7. Resilience and adaptivity.  To my own detriment sometimes #littlemissfixit
8. Endurance but needs to be restful. I do not heed this as often as I'd like, but I am getting better.

This little cutie was me all over.  I had never felt that kind affinity with an animal before so I look forward to bringing this with me into my life more.  How beautiful right?

Starting with this print and perhaps a scarf.  I wonder what else I will learn from this little guy!    Head on over to the Sarah Wilder’s ‘The Fifth Element Life’ and check out her STUNNING jewelery and much more?  She is a beauty, and her work is too!