How I Use Activated Charcoal + Which Planner I Want In 2017.

Ooh those end of Spring time feels.

The air was so darn clean this morning - honestly, I love being outside as my day begins and by starting it on my terms, my morning rituals fall into place...and then I find the whole day, and week move with more ease. 

A good start is such a blessing, compared with that doom and gloom feeling of chasing the rabbit from minutes after you wake.

I have had such a beautiful time these last few weeks with a lot of meeting of Brisbane women, journalling, planning and really feeling into me, and into my business.  It has been a really grounding but inspiring time.  #allthethings

Last week was awesome for so many reasons, all the charcoal I had been using in both, oil pulling, and ingesting (twice a week with lots and lots of water)  was making me feel RAD and my teeth were noticeably whiter (yay!). 

Activated Charcoal was all the rage in 2015, so end on 2016 seems like a great time for me to get on board, right?  The power of charcoal lies in its ability to bind things up and help you excrete them.  It will bind to good things as well as bad things, so make sure you take it 90 mins away from food and follow it up with LOTS OF WATER (I keep saying it, cause it really really can make you constipated in record time).  More is not better, 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon in 500ml of water twice a week was my happy place but consult your people, and listen to your own body.

The teeth whitening is more user friendly. How do you do it?  

You can dip a wet toothbrush into activated charcoal powder and brush as normal (well, keeping your lips closed to keep cleaning to a minimum if I am to be completely honest)....or to really boost it, add 1/2 a teaspoon into 1-2 Tbs of coconut oil for OIL PULLING (ie.  swishing oil in your mouth like mouthwash for 10 mins).  I have been doing it a few times a week and I can see a difference - from a girl with perpetually unhappy teeth this has been such a win!

Following on from this I found an AMAZING eBook by the gorgeous Clare Baker called 'Adore Your Cycle'It is a book I would passionately recommend for anyone with a cycle, or knows someone with one.  So pretty much every one ;)


I have charted my cycle against the moon for years, and over last few months have charted my creativity/productivity against the moon and against my cycle - and this book brings it all together so beautifully. Definitely check it out, it is 140 pages of a beautiful, easy to digest and informative read.  

Throughout the last few weeks food has taken a nourishing backseat.  Usually I push for new recipes to be created, I eat the leftovers and it is all a part of a master plan.  I have put that to the side for a while, and I have been deeply enjoying nourishing my body, and moving my body (I did my first Barre class on the weekend, have you tried it?) and exploring things other than 'Asja + Food + Nutrition'.  

Stepping away has surprisingly given me so much relief, more flow and so much happiness - a great reminder to check in , dig deeper, and create space and perhaps a reminder that we can get caught up in labels we accidentally create for ourselves and that they may simply no longer fit (or feel as snug as they did before!).  

The 'create space' part is especially important for planning 2017 things...having 'space' for my ideas and plans for 2017 to unfold is more fun, less 'create form what we have already got' and more 'fill the blank canvas' kind of feeling. 

How do you plan your 2017?  

I have tried many things over the years, but Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map seems to stick around - I have recently purchased the New Year guide and am immersed in how I want to feel next year, and building my goals from there.  Brilliant body of work!  I find that this work works best for me interspersed with more 'foot to the floor' 90 day year approaches.  I'd love to hear how you do it!

The next pressing thing is the diary that will take me through - Emma and Kate Co, or the Desire Map 2017.  Anything else I should have my eye on?

November has had this really light, fun and fresh feel about it this year, it doesn't feel like the year is closing in before pushing us into 2017...somehow it feels different this year.  Do you agree, or is that just me?

If you are feeling like a like real food pick me up for a few weeks leading into the Silly Season pick up a copy of Nourish + Delight and do mini-makeovers of breakfast or lunch - power you through to the well deserved end of year break!

I always feel far more motivated in the weeks leading to the end of the year, than I do at the start of the next one - and the more I honour that, the better it is.  But more on that next time..