Reflections from Self Care Weekend with Cally @ Sea Borne Art

The beautiful self-love Collective weekend at Shambahla retreat flew past for me, in a whirl of laughter, delicious food and friendly new faces. 

So we are now a week on from a few days with my birthday girl, Asja.  This week has really been where the goodness has had time to soak in. I've noticed my thoughts, the shifting of patterns and a softer, yet more motivated approach to not just the creative, candle side of my life, but also in other areas. 

I'm gonna be honest - until the retreat, Sea Borne candles had been on the (pardon the pun) back burner. I'd been flying full-steam ahead with other projects, trying to fit in some fitness here and there, and giving myself only a little 'me time'...sound familiar?! 

My, how things have changed! I've tried a couple of Asja's recipes, with resounding success (bf and housemate approved!). The creative flow is picking up pace, with orders coming in for candles and I'm dedicating some more 'play/creative' time, feeling inspired by the people I met on the weekend and the time they chose for themselves. Watch out for new candle creations soon., yeeew! 

But what is most noticable is the gentle wave of happiness, the 'I can do it' motivation that just keeps coming this week... And I think it's from haing the weekend to re-connect with things I love (crafting! yoga! food!) and chosing to make space for those things in my life. And you know what? It's working.

I'm trusting and not judging and then not judging when I (inevitably) do. Giving myself a break, remembering the things that make me a happier person (crafting! yoga! food!)...and the flow-on effect is apparent. BF tells me I look 'prettier' than he remembers. Day job feels less pressurised. Actually motivated to get to yoga...nd if things start to feel less fabulous... I've got all those cackles and smiles to remember!

So very grateful. xxx


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