Favourite podcast episodes that I LOVED this month.

Favourite podcast episodes that I LOVED in August!

You know how people will recommend a podcast and then just give you 116 episodes to choose from? That amount of decision is enough for me to just not do it - so here are 3 specific podcast episodes I loved and why, and would love to hear from you what you love right now! P.S.  I am updating this list every month, or as new amazing finds seem worthy of the list - which ever works for me at the time ;)

Traci + Kayla: 231: Striving of Hiding

You know that friend you want to hide from and not return texts, or try really hard to be a good friend to them.  This episode breaks it down with some good solutions. Feel the freedom!

Unmistakeable Creative: The Invisible Influences That ShapeOur Lives with Jonah Berg

Unique.  Just like every body else.  This is a frank discussion on influence and decision making - I love it because whilst we are all beYOUtiful (or whatever phrase works for you) we are all fundamentally the same and I loved how that was woven through this episode.

Tim Ferris Four Hour Work Week: with Seth Godin

Two of my favourite people.  If you haven't listened to either of them I highly recommend it (Tim Ferris and Jamie Foxx is a brilliant listen) - and if you are into audiobooks Tribes by Seth Godin is a great marketing and curiously observational listen. This is the shorted second part (the first part is 2hrs long!).

Big Dream Strategist: Jana Kingsford and Carly Stephan - Episode 7.

Jana has recently launched her podcast, and Carly is collaborating with me on an event so listening to these two together just makes my heart happy - and by listening you allow me to feed two birds with one hand and bring your two beautiful souls at the same time!

I'd love to hear what podcasts you are listening to and recommend - any genre sounds good to me!