My 7 thoughts on what Simply Real Good Food means to me

I am a recovered ‘pack of corn thins a day’  kind of girl, who went to cooking school and studied Nutrition to try to work out this link between self and food. I have tried to control food, and not care about it - neither left me happy.  

The single biggest change I had, and the catalyst for so much more happiness in myself and in my life was making the lowest common denominator in both situations the best quality, the most vibrant and make it easy for my body to absorb/digest.

Enter Food.  "Simply real good food" - sums up my approach to food in 4 little words (though I do it in a lot more below lol) and when

1) The food is simple

2) We aren't preoccupied with it AND

3) Our body is getting the nutrition it needs inevitably leads up to other areas of happiness and health to keep uncovering more of what you want in your life. 

Here are a couple of hundred words that I think sum up what 'Simply Real Good Food' means to me.

1. Cooking is a loose term, it could easily be mistaken for ‘assembling’.

I really believe that when we use good ingredients, and combine them with thoughtful care, and optimised digestion then we don’t need to do much else to it. You will hear me say "blitz and it done" enough times to mistake me for an infomercial.  My apologies.

2. The way I eat is predominantly plant-based, gluten free and dairy free. 

They are peppered with an organic egg here and there - along with some pseudo-grains like quinoa and buckwheat.  If I choose to eat some meat you can bet your bottom dollar that I know where it came from (and I don’t mean Woolies or Coles), but my plate is mostly plants. This works for me, and I teach it because this is the easiest road to include more of what our bodies needs, and increase diet variety!

3. Rancid fats, stacks of sugar and ingredients you can’t pronounce, nor any hard and fast diet ideologies don't have a home here.  

I don’t think that we need to identify as paleo, FODMAP, AIP, gluten-free, vegan or otherwise to want to eat good food (that being said I totally cater for these diets, I mean it as a 'I want to include every one regardless of their dietary guidelines!' kind of way) .  I’m not much for labels on food, or people - oh and ideas of deprivation and restriction are left at the door too here.

4. Time, money and motivation are precious. 

 I want you to get the most from your time in the kitchen, and the most bang for your nutritional buck.  Even more that, if I can inspired you to want to slow down to get into the kitchen more and truly create and express yourself well, that would make me pretty darn happy too.

5. No buying expensive ingredients that you use once, and then leave in the cupboard.

Even better than that it is my mission to show you that even with the staples the I share the recipe for have amazing mileage in the kitchen.  My favourite tomato relish can be cultured, popped on a cheese platter - used on a raw lasagne or zoodles, or made into a quick tomato coconut soup.

6. This way of eating creeps into other part of your life, and that is where the true wellness kicks in.  

When you simply eat real food, food takes on a role that is less demanding - and "eating well" actually sticks around in your life.  I love to educate you, demonstrate how to do it and how to integrate it.  I find that things stick  when we learn things this way, I see it time and time again.  The small stuff always wins over the big stuff, and the short cut is rarely the best cut, okay?

7. I love food for the creativity that it inspires in me, and you. 

Food is one thing, and I can go for days creating market-fresh produce into deliciousness - but I also can’t get enough of the flow on effect into design, photography, styling, ceramic plates, pie dishes and napery. Bringing these ideas together digital form, and in live events makes my business what it is. Scrolling through pics, cooing over ceramics, and setting up a perfect pic just makes the whole process feel so beautifully complete.  

It goes with my life purpose of doing it on purpose, with purpose.

My retreats and workshops are a great way to have a broader exploration about health and inspire you to have a real(ly) good life.  It is not always about the food - and the more I can share and collaborate with awesome humans to show you all the juicy bits of life and how to look after yourself then I am in my happy place.

What does real food mean to you? Let me know in the comments!