Better Than Heinz Big Red Tomato Soup!

The reason I keep harping on about wholefood staples I have in my kitchen is best demonstrated by this simple and freaking delicious recipe!

If you have made the best tomato relish you know how good it is on zoodles, baked eggplant or which a basil infused cashew cheese on a flax cracker.  Simplicity at its best, and free from garlic and onion which is certainly not typical of a tomato relish (but so much kinder to delicate tums!).

In one of my workshops I made a crazy simple tomato soup - that consequently lead to the soothing ahhhhs that fall out of mouths as your taste buds dance and bodies warm up and accept the goodness!

Oh and whilst we are at it, let's remind ourselves that the antioxidants and other nutrients in tomatoes (like lycopene) need fats to be used in our body - so perhaps think of this as the winter equivalent of a bruschetta dressed with olive oil!

Did you know that lycopene is so good for all of our body, but particularly for our skin?  Especially poor exfoliated, kind of dry, winter skin!

Whilst there isn't much research on exactly how much you need the consensus seems to be around 3-4 serves per from fresh tomatoes, a stew, this soup and maybe a raw lasagne using the same tomato chutney as listed here you are definitely going to be hitting the mark!

Super simple tomato soup (Serves 4)

  • 1 cup relish
  • 1 400ml can honest to goodness coconut cream
  • One coconut cream can fill of water

Season to taste

Blitz in a nutraninja and warm it in a saucepan - if you don't mind texture in your soup from the relish then skip the blitz (though it does make it super super smooth!). Season and devour - perhaps dunking those vegetables fritters in the bowl.

How did I make those?

Muffin tray vege fritters

I grated

  • 1 zucchini
  • 1 small sweet potato
  • 1 carrot
  • some shallots

...I combined it in a bowl with one lightly whisked egg and pinch of salt and pepper.  Dollop into muffin tray and cook at 180 for 20 mins - leave them longer if you like them crunchy!

Perfect dumplings for this soup and pretty awesome in their own right with a drizzle of my lime and tahini dressing :) 

Hope you enjoy this winter soup that is certainly anything but stodgy!

Much love,
A x