Making Breakfast Breezy: Vanilla + Coconut Chia Pudding

Making Breakfast Breezy: Vanilla + Coconut Chia Pudding

Sometimes I just love a chia pudding for breakfast - and sometimes as a snack.  I see it as a great disservice when hard, dry, stodgy chia puddings are served up in cafes - such a missed opportunity!! You should try it with the Raw Wholefoods granola.  Amazing. 

Chia is one of my faves, and here are a few reasons why!

The Wellness Collective Chia Pudding Recipe

1. Chia is gluten free, high in protein and omega 3 and is a great source of dietary fiber.

2. Chia packs a nutritional punch with iron, potassium, calcium and vitamin C.

3. Chia goes a long way to help you feel fuller for longer, and balance out your blood sugar levels and manage your appetite.

When made as a pudding it really helps to nourish sensitive digestive systems and improve healthy ones too! Chia will absorb water wherever it can get it so please make sure your fluid levels are up, and prepare it as a pudding, so you can reap the benefits and not just end up constipated!  

So how easy is this vanilla and coconut chia pudding?  Really, really easy (do you believe me?).  

INGREDIENTS Makes 850ml (or 5 serves)

400ml can coconut cream
400ml water
1/2 cup chia
½ tsp vanilla
pinch himilayan salt
sweetener optional (1 tsp honey, maple or rice bran syrup)
lemon zest*optional
1. In a large glass jar (or appropriately sized container) empty the contents of the can, fill the can with water and add it along with the vanilla, salt and optional extras.  

2. Add the chia, put the lid on and shake.  In lieu of a lid, whisk the mixture with a fork (or whisk - funny that) occasionally as it sets.  This will help to avoid clumps.  About an hour in the fridge should do it.

Depending on your personal preference you can add a little more chia, or liquid if you need - but make sure you incorporate any additional ingredients really well to keep the consistency great!

How do I love to have my chia pudding?

1. Top with raspberry chia jam.
2. Add to a smoothie for increased satiety (this is a great waste to finish off your leftover pudding at the end of the week!)
3. Top with fruit (high enzyme kiwi, passionfruit or some poached pear is great).
4. Add some crunch w our breakfast sprinkle or granola.

I would love for you to give this one a go - it just is one of those recipes that you pop in the jar, give it a shake and let it set. Better than that, it has so much goodness in it and is so versatile (remember to tag #thewellnesscollective in it if you do make it and snap a pic - or post it directly to the facebook book page!).


A x