Sweet + Delicious: Banana (n)ice-cream

Well, what can I say other than this is going to blow your mind.  The lightness and fluffiness makes you wonder how it can just be two simple ingredients.  The richness makes you think that there must be more - and it makes you ponder why you need all those other ingredients that they stuff into ice cream when this is SO SIMPLE and oh-so-very delicious.

 1. All you need is 1 peeled and frozen banana per person, 1/3 cup coconut cream and maple to taste (totally optional).

 2. Blitz it with a hand held blender or nutraninja for a minute or two and it is done!

Guilt free and full of yumminess.

How else can you spice this up?  

Well, I have served it 'as-is' on top of chia pudding for a refreshing summer breakfast or snack....but add 2 tsp of cacao per person and a dollop of raspberry chia jam, top with some toasted coconut and you have created a fabulous dessert!

...topping the chocolate nice-cream with passionfruit and cacao nibs is really decadent too.

...and if you want one more great variation (even though there are hundreds), I did have some macadamia and vanilla nut butter that I had whipped together for a poached orange cake and thoughT that it would be perfect with nice-cream, and it was!  

The possibilities are endless.

How do you nice cream?

A x