My Fave 5 Wellbeing Trends To Work With For 2017

2016 was a heck of a year, and in my first email to my tribe this year I included the words below.  I really believe that to do the life-ing, adult-ing and human-ing it is necessary to notice the duality, the two side, that are in every moment.  Just brutiful (brutal and beautiful in every moment, ha!).

2016 was polarising, brilliant or brutal seem to be the options for everyone.  The thing with dodgy years is that you inadvertently end up being far more positive for more moments in that year as you muddle, grieve and work your way through.  

You learn more from challenges than from success, and so many successes closely follow challenges.

That practice/process in itself, as painful and heart wrenching as it may be, solidifies 'resilience, courage and an optimistic outlook' as your go-to perspective for life - and then as the drama and pain fall away you are left shining brighter than ever! 
Even if last year brought you to your knees you made it here with hope and gratitude and that deserves to be celebrated and revered. 
Use the light, love and kindness that you found in 2016 to let you sail through 2017. 

and with that I am so stoked to share with you what I think the trends in 2017 will be when it comes to wellbeing.  


We are moving away form the extremes, and deprivation and the intensity..



Listening in to what your body actually needs...

is the feel for 2017.

 I have put a mix of food trends and wellbeing trends.  I would love to hear which ones resonated with you!

 My 5 FAVE picks for things to watch in WELLBEING through 2017


I worded this in this order because I don't think that it is necessarily going to be all vegan.  Veganism spiked in popularity in the last two years, but most people are taking it as a prompt to  find a way to include a little more vegetables, and a smattering of fish and meat in their weekly, or month food intake.  All the variations of vegetarianism will be on the rise - hello the rise of the flexitarian.  Only a decade after my fave book by Michael Pollan was written! 


Functional food, yes it may just be a superfood with a lot less claims attached but these real foods have an effect on your health that only promoted feeling better.  I feel that with wellness being on trend, for as long as it has been,  consumers are generally a little more wise towards claims but food with function play in our love of doing more with less….less money, less time, less dishes….more nutrients in each meal is hitching onto the meal you are already eating so I see that one going gangbusters  

Real food combinations of turmeric, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, bone broth and more will conitue to encourage you to increase the number of different foods you eat in your day.  Spice combinations are going to show up more and more!  


Smoothies over juices, more hydration, more food grown under the sun, less stress i.e. sorting out your organisation and productivity are health trends this year - I think that is well overdue!  I speak a lot about the women I speak to saying they are tired, unmotivated and don't have time - so finding the time, and adequately directing your energy to where it is of best use is a health trend for this year #weallhave168hours

Juicing isn’t completely gone, maybe smoothies and soups will stay around for 2017, but that is okay cause there is less sugar, more fiber and more variation and I am totally ok with that!  


We are finally listening that taking care of ourselves means a happier life for us, and for everyone in our lives.  I see this becoming the norm more and more this year, where taking time for you is key.  I would even say that viewing time management and productivity as a wellbeing focus rising in 2017! 

Extreme diets are out, as are extreme ideologies, but a rise in mindful and intuitive eating and learning to listen to what our bodies want (it is call a craving cause our body needs something right?  Physiologically or emotionally).  When you eat mindfully there is an element of self trust and confidence in yourself that can flow on to other areas of your life.  Maybe we will even start to use our time in the kitchen to enjoy being there, and not needing everything to be fast and made in 15 mins or less.


I have long been a fan, and love using arame, nori, wakame and dulse almost daily.  The brilliance of this shelf stable source of rich nutrition hasn't really had its moment to shine - and I think that is going to change in 2017!  It is affordable, versatile and will do wonders for your hair, skin and nails.  I am working on a crispy dulse poke bowl so make sure you are signed up to get my newsletter - it will be landing very shortly, and it is YUM.

What have you seen this year that you think is the new black? Like it, love it or hate it?  I would love to know - especially the ones that make you cringe they are the best (like....that moment before you drink a charcoal turmeric gelatine 'tea').  

A xx