What is your ONE WORD to improve tiny moments in your day?

 By Fallon Drewett 

We are all about words here at The Just Saying Project.

I have always been a huge fan of the way words work. 

How they have the ability to make us feel.

I love when they string together to make a beautiful sentence, such as “I love you because you are fabulous”.

I love words when they help describe who we are and what our passions and loves are.

Words help us see more clearer and help us see a different perspective. 

There are days when we are lost for words and others we need to catch our breath because we have so many words waiting to roll off our tongues. 

I don’t know what my life would be like without words. I enjoy a chit- chat and I love nothing more than writing and expressing myself through the powers of words.

So when it came to creating JSP, it was all about words, how we use them, their powers and the affect they have on us as humans.

We use words every day but there are times within our daily routine where we forget how to use our words and the language we use when describing who we are is lazy.  

Why have we forgotten to speak words of kindness and honesty when it comes to our lives and who we are? 

The words we use that has such a massive impact on how we believe in ourselves.

This year instead of the New Year resolutions, I have chosen one word to keep my focus and help me kick butt at achieving my goals. 

Capable is my choice.

Capable is something I tend to forget about. I am quick to believe I am not capable when stress and worry take hold or I am overwhelmed by a situation in life.

I forget that I am capable of most things if I turn my mindset to positive.

Capable is a word that is often forgotten about when it comes to conjuring up motivation and inspiration.

But I believe it is one word we need reminding of. It is a word we need in our everyday life.

As a mother, in particular, I need to give myself pep talks to boost my inner capability.

Most days I don't think I am capable for the role.  

Then there are days when I feel like I am not capable of looking after myself.

And this year that is going to change.

2017 is Fallon's year of being capable. I am capable. I will achieve all I want to achieve.

Time for me to stop thinking I don't have the goods to be successful.

Enough of the trash talk and replace it with capable chit chat.

Being capable will be my superpower that I will wear when I need a confidence boost. It will be my reminder that I can do what I need to and want as long as I think capable thoughts.

I am capable. Period.

Now it is your turn. 

What is the one word that inspires you? One word that resonates with you or a word you can’t live without? 

It is time to write down a few words, and choose one to make your word for 2017.  A great way to do this is to buy a new journal and write that word on the first page.

Write its dictionary meaning and then write your personal meaning of the word. 

Then think about all the ways you can use this one word in your daily vernacular, that will help boost your self- worth. 

Try to use this word more when describing who you are and your achievements. 

It is all too easy to go straight to a negative word, a word that drags you down. 

Now is the time to find a super word that makes you feel invincible.

Share with us in the comments below.