What I eat in a day (for real!).

Over the years, and a part of me wanting to move away from 'wellness' is that there is such a woven aspect of not loving yourself first.  The importance of falling in love with yourself before you fall in love with the idea of 'getting abs', or thinking that getting abs will get you self love (well it might, but you can be pretty sure it will be conditional). 

I loves wine, I love potato chips (hot or cold), I love beautiful artisan feasts where the macros are not balanced. 

For a big part of my life, and for a pretty long time, I have (self-appointed) kale converting queen, and love creating  positive mindsets around food, sharing recipes full of flavour that nourish your body and happily inspiring others to fall in love with great food and awesome health.

...but I found myself at a point that the 'healing had happened through the healing'.  I found that my passion had skipped forward a bit and there was so much real food that I felt deprivation and restriction (and felt so stifled) around "real food".  Social media was making me crawl and cringe.

Things were changing.

I love food being a part of celebration and connection, for food being more than something to control and to fear.  This inherent belief that food is to feed our bodies, souls and hearts means that we are totally open (and totally love)  having fish and chips on the beach with an amazing bottle of rose  - and ice creams in the sunshine with our nieces and nephews is so darn important to me.

The conversation about happiness not being about the food, and the sharing that happened at the events through 2014 til 2016 made it so darn clear that 1) it is not about the food 2) what the fuck are you supposed to do then when you didn't sign up for the self development stuff and thought you could just stick to food. 

Notice that this isn't based on a way to cope with stress or emotions that haven't been dealt with? 

Notice that these memories make our hearts light up just as much as delivering another workshop?
Food is amazing like that.

Eating well is not always easy, but it also doesn't need to be 'perfect' to be beneficial - and as Danielle LaPorte says 'screw perfection'.

So, with that said, here is an idea of what my intake of food looks like in a day!

Surprisingly my smoothies aren't falling over the tops for an insta photo and I am pretty amazing at layering spoonfuls of chia pudding and jam on a spoon and throwing some granola in my mouth and munching it up as a snack - safe to say it is #notsoinstapretty but it is good for me and super yum. 

Oh, and for the record, I don't have edible flowers on our chia puddings every day ;)

So that's how it looks - all the 'or nots' and the 'maybes' mean I listen to what our body needs, or it depends on my day. No hard and fast rule, other than keeping it real fresh and delicious!  Totally partial to wine and to Baskin and Robbins when the mood strikes.  Devoured oh so happily,

The way I eat is a confirmation that health is more than the food on our plates, and food is more than just fuel for our bodies! That my happiness and my health is so much more than food and none of it is linear, or mutually exclusive.  It is more holistic than ever, and I love it that way!

With that encourage yourself to embrace the #notsoinstapretty and to nourish your mind body and soul.  To let go of the structure, the deprivation and the crappy words that are on repeat in your head.  To be curious about your cravings, and what eating mindfully might look like for you (You can head here, here or here and get investigating).

Enjoy your Sunday nourishing your mind, body and soul - and be grateful for all the amazing things that your body does for you right now. 

Exactly how you are.

Not for how is might feel when you get there, have that or have abs that pop.  

It may not be easy but it is worth it. 

You are worth it.

Extra love from me today,

A xx