5 Winter Warming Broths, Soups + More (in 20min or less!)

Oh heck, winter is here - this last week has seen that sunny edge just disappear!

Here are A BUNCH winning (self-rated) recipes from the blog that will hit the spot just nicely - perfect transitions from the warm autumnal salads we were enjoying in May!

1. Coconut Broth with Seasonal Greens was my breakfast this morning, and possibly rated 'best recipe' in the last round of the Gentle Winter Cleanse (next one kicks off Monday June 19 - see details below!). 

Coconut Broth

with seasonal greens!

2. "Whatever is in the fridge" Turmeric Soup is full of anti-inflammatory goodness AND flavour in equal parts, a great one to have in your repetoire for that moment when all the veggies in the fridge just need to be cooked up in one recipe!  Use the left over turmeric to make a turmeric latte (recipe in the winter drinks download at the top of this email)

Whatever is in the fridge

with ginger and turmeric broth

3. Sticky Sweet + Salty Miso Maple Eggplant will make you drool, in Australia we get eggplants most months of the year, so whilst not typically winter food, it is definitely Australian Winter Food.  It only takes 15mins, 30mins if you eat the first batch and need to make a second.  This simple babaganoush is brilliant to make with eggplants too!

Sticky, Sweet + Salty Maple + Miso Eggplant

15 mins from go to woah!

4. If you have made the relish, then this simple tomato soup can be blended and warmed in a flash - this recipe wins nostalgia points for bringing me back to first year uni and cans of Heinz Big Red.

If you have made this,

then the tomato coconut soup takes about 10 mins to heat! 

5. Spiced Pumpkin + Miso Soup is a classic combo, and one of my faves, but if you want to go for something lighter be sure to check out the Sweet Potato + Cauliflower Soup.  It is an absolute delight with a smattering of flash fried greens on top!

Stay warm,

Asja x

P.S. June 19 kicks off the Winter Soups, Smoothies + Self Care 7 day cleanse! Our first round is going swimmingly. Sign up and get loads of tips for eating in the winter months :)

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