Link sharing and book giveaway!

The new website is up, a few kinks still be worked out, but I would love for you to take a look - it certainly feels like home!  You will also see my pledge for the next year.  It is truly a goal with soul that I can't wait to bring to life!

"By 2018 I want each ticket purchased for an event, to be matched with a  'pay it forward' seat at the same event run for vulnerable homeless and at risk women."

Now, I have a little favour to ask (the art of asking, we all struggle with that from time to time right?...but some of you may not know that I do need your help!

Brisbane has been good to me, and each workshop is growing in numbers and a few more speaking gigs are flowing in - the response to all three eBooks is making my heart feel full!  In a new city it is a huge job to get the word out there - and I don't mind the work at all, I meet amazing humans each week - but I had a little idea...

If you felt called to share one of the following recipes on your facebook page, or leave a comment on one that appeals to you...I will happily send you one of my eBooks as a thank you!  

If you want to play along, all you need to do is...

1 Click on the FB post below that you want to share
2. Share it on FB
3. Comment on the original FB post with the name of someone who you think would enjoy the blog post.

Then when I see the notification pop up in my feed I will DM you with a code for you to download the eBook of your choice STAT!

How does that sound?  Feels pretty great to me!

The posts to that you can choose to share:

Sweet or Savoury Buckwheat Pancakes with a Tahini Dressing

My Fave Thing To Make With 1/2 An Avo : Five Ingredient Choc-Avocado Cookies

4 of my fave dressings to take you through summer (and revolutionise work lunch salads!)

Are you massaging your kale?  Here are three reasons you should!

Thank you for playing!!

A x