Or maybe just looking at the packet of seaweed for $15, and the fact you will potentially hate the new recipes (or that the recipe is a hunk of junk and doesn't work anyway - thanks Google) and all the while you are thinking that you could have spent the money on a martini?

This four hour event is perfect for you.

You will not be reprimanded, chastised, or told that you are doing it wrong.

 You are in a safe space to say you hate kale, or that you don't want to roll another bliss ball.

You will probably ask me if my lovely man would mind if I move in with you to cook for you all the time

(it happens every session, for real #allthelove)

You will walk away inspired, not overwhelmed.

Happy and capable, not stressed with the idea of changing everything right now.

Excited about your food again, and how easy it can be.

I would love to have you come along, to laugh, eat and share because it is

always better when we are together!


“Thank you for a fantastic morning! I learned so much. This might sound weird but the dishes you prepared were beautiful and it was like I was, for the first time tasting real food. I cant wait to try your recipes out for myself. I particularly like the fact that you are a nutritionist. I was seeing a dietitian but could not tolerate being told to eat low fat, sugar filled crap like Kikstart shakes. I can eat enough crap all by myself without being encouraged to eat more!” 
(Tracey, past attendee)


BRISBANE: SUNDAY JUNE 18.  10am-1pm (West End Location)



I  will start off with the basics and show you exactly what is in my pantry.   No A-Z of superfoods just a real talk about what is in my pantry and why.

Then we will start using it, and eating it!!

Over four hours I will take you from dawn until dusk showing you simple template recipes that all you to combine real ingredients, into real masterpieces, real fast.

  1. You will learn about everyday superfoods, meal balancing, nutrition and the foods to avoid to achieve better health and happier digestive systems.

  2. You will learn how to easily prepare simple combinations for max nutrition, and best use of your time.  

  3. You will learn the many variations to each of these recipes components, and how they can be used to work with your own personal preferences and build your kitchen confidence.  

  4. You will walk away feeling more educated, seeing how it is done and what you are keen to do when you get home.  You will leave with smatterings of inspiration to bring recipes alive in your kitchen the evening after the workshop!

Sample Menu 

Vanilla and Coconut Chia Pudding, with Chocolate Orange Granola and Raspberry Chia Jam

Pimped Avo on ‘Toast’: Sunflower Seed + Rocket Pesto, Nut-Free Dukkah

and Seaweed Gohmasio

A tasting of my Insurance Policy Green smoothie,

and the Banana Maple Coffee smoothie.

Massage Kale w Sweet Potato and Seeds and Creamy Avocado Dressing

Buckwheat and Tomato Salad w Tahini Dressing

Zesty Quinoa Salad w Activated Almonds

Beet, Carrot + Sprout Salad with Maple Vinaigrette

Cheese Plate Additions - including Tomato Relish, Beet Relish, Cashew Cheese, Lentil Walnut Pate and Spiced Almonds

Sweet Stuff Additions - including Banana Nice Cream Two Ways and Blissed Out Chocolate Slice

...and you will receive a copy of my eCookbook "Nourish and Delight" too!


These ideas and recipes are exploration, as much as inspiration

so if you have no idea of what wholefood or clean eating is...or you are just looking for more ideas - this is the hang out for you!
You get to sit, learn, eat.  

The layout also means that you get to ask question based on where you are at in your health/cooking/wellbeing journey.  

So many attendees leave this session and head straight for the shops so they can start applying what they know straight away.  Ride the momentum and see how easy it is for themselves.

 How good is that?


BRISBANE: SUNDAY JUNE 18.  10am-1pm (West End Location)


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