(and 99.9% plant based recipe, if you were wondering!)


+Over 60 pages of recipes that will take you from morning til night

+Gluten free, dairy free, vege friendly. Recipe templates to increase kitchen confidence

+More assembling, than cooking


+ Techniques and Tips for strong foundation in basics of clean treats

+ Mix and Match style to create or recreate from your heart. New ideas and old faves.

+Gluten free, dairy free.


These are eCookbooks only - there is no paper unless you decide to print it yourself.  The digital book is hyperlinked to help you navigate on your phone, tablet or desktop computer. No refunds will be given for incorrect purchase.



 Sweet + Delicious.  Beautifully Designed by  September Creative

Sweet + Delicious.  Beautifully Designed by September Creative

 Nourish + Delight.  Designed by me#alwayslearning

Nourish + Delight.  Designed by me#alwayslearning




  • All of my recipes from my two most popular workshops, beautifully photographed by Jocelyn Mackenzie Photography and many more.
  • Loads of tips, tricks, variations and inspiration laid out by September Creative.  Tamara did an outstanding job of 'Sweet and Delicious' and it was on my 2016 goal list to do one myself so 'Nourish and Delight was my first foray into InDesign #alwayslearning
  • Gluten free and dairy free recipes, 99.9% plant based.
  • No refined sugars - heck, I use dates maple and fresh fruits (I have a personal gripe with clean treats that are loaded with 500g of dates, and 1 cup measures of maple - so I am frugal with my sugar use lol!)
  • Not much cooking, except for one cake, and maybe roasting some nuts - and heating things.  

These E-Cookbooks should be replaced with e-Assemblingofyummyingredients!


These two books are the tip of the iceberg as I share with you my years of study, commitment to cooking school and creation of menus on the East Coast - sharing all the recipes I have tried, tested and loved - and taught through my workshops.

These books my commitment to not depending on sugar, even natural sugar, to create desserts and sweet things in life.  It is my commitment to using quality ingredients that work for our bodies - good ingredients is the common denominator in everything that I do.  

My simple hope is that this book serves as some inspiration as these are replicated with love in kitchens other than mine!



What diet philosophy does this book cater for?

These books are gluten free and dairy free and majority are plant-based.  They all fit into my philosophy that if we eat a greater variety of food, our body gets more of what it needs to function at its best.  Keep is simple, keep it real!

I need more of a hand, more than just inspiration, where should I look?

I am a fan of googling videos of what i need to learn - there is something comforting about seeing someone else do it before tackling it yourself.  I am happy to help where I can, just send me an email!

How many people do the recipes cater for?

The sweet recipes generally make 10-12 small dessert-like serves.  I have included a guide in each recipe.Hope this helps!

Do I need to follow the recipes specifically?

No, the recipes really lend themselves as templates so you can swap ingredients in and out base on what you have on hand.  When it comes to some of the ‘Sweet + Delicious’ recipes try to do it like the recipe says first, and amend from there.  The thing is that all ingredients and brands are made differently - an organic almond, vs a conventional one may differ in water content - heck even two different conventional brands may differ!  You will get to know you ingredients as you use them more and more.

Are there meal plans included? Are there shopping lists included?

Is this something you want/need?  I am working on this as we speak so watch this space!  If there is something particular you think I should know about please get in contact!

I have zero kitchen skills, can I still do this?


I have a limited budget, is this going to send me broke?

Oh I hear you!  I always keep the hip pocket in mind when creating recipes - sweet treats can be a little more pricey than savoury dishes but eating local, and shopping at your farmers markets, and bulk dry good stores really helps to keep costs down.  Have another question?  Send me an email at hello@thewellnesscollective.com.au

What equipment do I need?

In all my cooking I use a food processor, bullet blender, stock pot, fry pan, cookie trays, silicon muffin trays, a whisk, wooden spoon and a knife - that is about it.

My question isn’t here - and I need an answer, pronto! What do I do?

Send me an email at Hello@thewellnesscollective.com.au

How is this different to other eBooks?

Well, I don’t know cause I haven’t looked at many.  I have taken all of the content from our workshops and recipes I use at my sweet treat market stall - along with exactly what I hear from you ('Make it delicious and nutritious!' they say, "In a flash", they say!!) and compiled it one (extensively hyperlinked) eCookbook!

This is an eCookbook only - there is no paper unless you decide to print it yourself.  The digital book is hyperlinked to help you navigate on your phone, tablet or desktop computer. 

No refunds will be given for incorrect purchase.


About me:

 I'm a former Nutritionist, and now and avid natural and cook and life lover!  I go crazy for all the shades of colour that nature serves up when it comes to fresh produce.  It never gets old. I love that it has a story, that is is so beautiful in its simplicity, and that it only needs to be gently coaxed with a few cooking techniques to become something as remarkable as it is wholesome.